His and Hers Decking!

With the return of the sun, our newly created garden decks are a great place to sit and read, write and observe our small but very private garden. When it’s warm, these to me are exceptionally creative extensions to our home which the whole family make good use of.

The second deck is placed on the site of an old greenhouse, which after demolition, and with the extra hot summer of 2020, became my favourite spot in our small garden. Although untidy, this was the place I did most of my writing and reading, and where I darkened and developed a suntan as I had never before had achieved.

It seemed an ideal location for a second deck as it enjoys full sun till 8 pm in the summer months.

With the garden finished and looking beautiful, and the inside of the house totally redecorated. Tess (aka the dragon lady) decided it was time to show off her hard work. She rarely brings home, anyone in the fear they meet me, but on this occasion, she turned up with a nurse she works with.

I had already been threatened to behave myself and stay away, so I did. (My family find me embarrassing)

Being warned to be on my best behaviour, I dressed in an extremely bright and artistic new shirt and matching scarf to impress her friend, who didn’t even comment upon it, I was bitterly disappointed.

I was also banished to sitting on the deck outside the summer room alone. The dragon lady and her friend hid from the sun on the second deck under a giant umbrella. As ordered, I stayed on my side of the garden, although I couldn’t help giggling at a friend’s observation that we have his and hers decking. I’m not sure how many others can boast the same garden feature in the area.

The same day, after her friend had left to make amusing comments somewhere else, and not unusual for us, we fuelled a fiery argument where the Dragon Lady decided to ignore me to make her point which she peppered with offensive comments.

It was so funny. We both sat on our own decking, glaring at each other until the smiles returned.
I so much enjoy baiting my wife!

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