Achieve Nothing in Life

How to Annoy People, and Achieve NOTHING in Life!

Attitude is EVERYTHING!

Sorry, this is going to be a short GRIPE about something which happened to me very recently. However, it also contains the seeds of a couple of valuable lessons in life.

I believe with all of my heart that we can learn life lessons from everyone both great and small, formidable or shy, etc. From most individuals, it will be a lesson or reminder of what NOT to do, and this short achieve Nothing in life grumble falls directly into that category.

So, let me set the scene for you.

It was a beautiful sunny and warm spring morning, the sort that makes you smile and almost automatically puts you in a good mood, it does me anyway.

As usual for me, I rose early and started writing, and by 10 AM I had completed my main tasks for the day. So, I decided (please don’t laugh) I would beautify myself, and grab a quick shower before finishing off my morning’s work in a more refreshed state of mind and body.

I quickly shaved and ran the electric hair-clippers over the top of my head (it takes just a minute) to reveal the superb reverse mohawk hairstyle I have been nurturing for the past 10 years. I then quickly hopped in the shower and rubbed and scrubbed till I was squeaky-clean.

Emitting strong carbolic odors I emerged dripping and refreshed to the ding-dong, ding-dong, ding-dong, of my front door, someone was enthusiastically attempting to capture my attention!

Due to the consistent depression of my doorbell, I naturally thought this would be important, and someone desperately needing my assistance, or perhaps wanting to inform me my house was on fire? Or of an imminent fast approaching tsunami… Or, similar disaster… After just a moment the doorbell rang again, motivated by the potential emergency I quickly donned my bath gown and raced to my bedroom window.

Our bedroom is in the apex of the roof and is fitted with large (Velux) windows which lie at a 45° angle, and so high that even if we had nosy neighbour’s no one could possibly ever see in.

The windows are so high in fact, that even on tiptoes I can only just see out and onto the beach which lies 100 yards beyond.

In response to this potential emergency I opened the window and shouted out. “who is it”? “Can you please move back into the drive so I can see you” I requested?

Just moments later a young man who I guess would be in his mid-20’s backed into a position where I could see him. He was a handsome young man with a neat haircut wearing a smart blue tracksuit and a large valise type kit bag on his back.

However, from his style of dress, and that he was visiting without an appointment and ringing my doorbell so violently, I instantly got the feeling he was the type of individual I didn’t want my children to associate with.

Although I could see him perfectly, all he could see of me was a bald head and my blue eyes staring back at him, and he would have no idea I was standing there practically in my birthday suit.

He smiled, and without announcing himself, in a broad North country accent delivered his USP (unique selling proposition).

“Would you like to help a young dad out” he enquired? Upon hearing this I knew exactly what his large bag comprised of. It was full of simple cleaning aids such as dusters and washing sponges etc., which he was going to attempt to sell to anyone who responded at hugely inflated prices.

I immediately felt quite annoyed at the ABUSE and misuse of my privacy for something so menial. Obviously generating a profit was of importance to him, but not me, I had my own agenda and important things to achieve that morning, and did not want to be disturbed.

He had a lot still to learn about dealing with the public and this fact was about to get far worse.

I truthfully responded by telling him I had just got out of the shower, and sorry, I don’t have cash (truthfully, I didn’t) I always use a credit card, but I wished him luck!

His reaction was immediate! Upon realising there would be no sale made at this house he responded.

“You F****** B******!” was his wonderful and colourful reply which left me stunned and with no intention to reply. He turned and left and as he walked out of my drive and onto the pathway in front of my home, he fired a parting shot.

“I bet people wishing you luck didn’t buy you that F****** house,” he said as he gestured towards my property with his head, his rudeness was not going to win him favours, in fact, quite the opposite.

As he ventured up my neighbour’s drive my good mood had instantly changed to one which was not so accommodating, and I wished him gone.

I have come across such door-to-door basically beggars before, but never one with such a BAD ATTITUDE.

I was worried for my neighbour’s, many of whom are quite elderly and faced with such foul mouth aggression may not fare so well, so I quickly raced downstairs in my bathrobe and into the drive so I could follow his progress along our short private road.

It seems that no one else was at home that morning, so within a minute he had passed the large and prominent sign at the end of the road which announced” Private Road, no door-to-door selling!”

As he left our little cul-de-sac another neighbour who had also been monitoring his progress came into his front garden and asked what he said to me, so I told him. At which point he said he had called him a NASTY C***! This was unacceptable, so I quickly call the police who I believe came out and had a few choice words of advice with him.

Do I feel guilty?

Absolutely not? In fact, I was fuming over this invasion of privacy for the rest of the morning that totally disturbed my routine. Yes, I know, I should have just put it behind me and got on with my day, but that’s not the person who I am, I was emotionally disturbed by his verbal attack upon me.

Committing my thoughts to ink and sharing such events and potential silver linings with others is my way of putting something behind me.

I’m fairly sure I knew what happened and the chain of events which lead to this abusive eruption of foul words!

This young guy wanted to generate an income and make something of himself, he was looking for a starting point, and for that, I seriously don’t blame him. In fact, while many would wallow in procrastination, he did something.

Just the wrong thing, but we all make mistakes.

He heard or was informed of this method of generating an income which sounded either doable or a good alternative to a job. He applied to get his door-to-door badge proving he was who we said he was, and then bought stock and a nice neat tracksuit to get started.

He was all set for failure.

The area in which I live is known as a more affluent district, and so was the obvious place to get started. Yes, we were all loaded and rich, or so he believed.

He practiced his sales spiel and obviously thought that appealing to help a young dad would be a good reason enough to invade people’s privacy and overcharge them for items they never needed.

Perhaps he thought that presumably rich people are just dying for the opportunity to help someone out, or, more likely, he felt that life owed him a living.

Bad Mistake!

By the time he reached my house, I would imagine he had been going door to door for an hour or more, and probably not sold a thing! He was frustrated, tired and out of pocket, and totally fed up at his poor decision, and combined with his foul mouth nature was happy to share a little vulgar abuse.

I hope I don’t sound uncharitable?

I promise you that I am not, I am also very giving of my time and spend my life helping other people finding solutions to problems and challenges which they have, and taking them closer to achieving their dreams.

The advice I would offer this young man if I had had the opportunity was to invest in himself and his income-generating skills, begging, and sales via guilt will never be one of them.

I would also have informed him of the world’s biggest mistake, PRESUMPTION! His big mistake today was that he presumed he could have made a living from this 3rd rate door-to-door pursuit, rather than finding out for certain if he could do so. By finding somebody who had already done it and could advise him.

He presumed that he could take advantage of the good nature of society without realising that many others had gone before him and ruined this charitable potential.

I would have told him about the valuable and FREE book which is available that would have given no fewer than 46 ideas of ideas he (with just a little effort) could have perused from the comfort of his own home.

Or the 12 laptop lifestyle ideas.

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Achieve Nothing in Life

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