Never Rely on Others!

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Above is the precise recipe for ongoing disappointment in life.

Whatever they claim, most people, and certainly those people who run a business will put themselves, not you, first.

Where money is involved this truth becomes compounded.

The solution is simple and has just two steps:

  • Take FULL responsibility for everything in your life.
  • Master the art of becoming successful at what you do.

Simple to say, and armed with the correct attitude and belief, also easy and FUN to achieve.

So what is the source of this present annoyance?

She’s a Truly Pleasant Person:

Its been my privilege to have known Georgina or (Georgie for short), for many years.

Tall and lovely, softly spoken and quick to laugh with good a sense of humor.

Her mom and I have been friends even longer.

I was thrilled to hear that Georgie had found someone special, and they would be getting married shortly.

She had made her living as a professional golfer for many years.

However, with the forthcoming nuptials, and the possibility of a family in the not too distant future.

I suppose she had thought this would be a good time for a change of career.

Something which she could do from home and while looking after a family.

She had wisely invested her time and money in expanding her income generation potential.

She had become proficient as a social medial manager.

Good choice:

Its a growing HIGH DEMAND business stream.

Best of all, it offers those who are even slightly entrepreneurial lots of opportunity to work for yourself. Better still, from the comfort of your own home at time that suit them.

Not only had Georgie mastered the skill of becoming a social media manager, she also had a particular interest in a unique niche market.

Gaming, and I can’t be more specific because she hasn’t told me any more.

However, if its something you have a passion for, then your really SHOULD do it.

Last September (its now June as I write this) she tracked down her ideal position and was interviewed and they wanted her, and offer here the position there and then.

The only problem was that they didn’t want her to start until this July, and in just a couple of weeks from now.

I suppose from Georgie’s point of view it was something she really wanted, and therefore the position was worth waiting for.

Then, just the other day, her mom told me that the position was no longer vacant.

Poor Georgie, at the point in her life when she should be at her most happiest, was now at square one once more, and had wasted 8 valuable months of her life.

Why have I told you this:

For the simple reason that the same or similar could happen to anyone who has a job, or who is reliant upon someone else for their living.

You’re employer owns you nothing more than your months salary, and that could come to an end tomorrow.

For Georgie with her newfound skills, I’m sure that the solution is to find her own customers and work for herself. Not just one customer, but many.

In this way if one decides to leave her she has spread her risk.

Also, and more importantly, by doing it for yourself you get to keep all of the net after-tax profits which is probably going to be around five times more than working for somebody else.

I’m sure that fact got your attention.

I have always work for myself for the simple reason I could never understand why ANYONE would do for somebody else what they can do for themselves.

Why would EVER want a boss or someone to tell you what to do.

Working for yourself can certainly be a double-edged sword, and working from home as I do does require a certain discipline.

However, I wouldn’t change my CHOSEN profession for the world.

Where you see your job as security I see exactly the opposite, a prison of your own choosing.

Every day I have huge opportunity and potential to improve my lifestyle which is totally unmatched by anyone who has a job. Why work at developing someone else’s dream, rather than fulfilling your own.

Enough Said:


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