Being normal and why I’m not!

As a skinny kid with big ears, my life was a truly happy one. My kind and loving parents guided, cared and provide me with everything I needed or wanted, and the sun shined into my life on a daily basis. Apart from a few tearful times and experiences, which generally happened to most kids, I don’t remember ever being unhappy. Continue reading


A Passion for Pens and Other Writing Accessories!

I first became captivated by words and combining them into interesting sentences, paragraphs and narratives when I was a child of single figures, which is quite surprising. You see, in my twenties, I received a bombshell of tardy and bellicose information. A specialist diagnosed me as being as profoundly dyslexic as a cross-eyed sloth. Continue reading


A Sun-Drenched Home by the Sea!

Well, maybe…

In February, and immediately before the COVID-19 virus started to get out of control and lockdown measures became imminent. My wife, (aka) the dragon lady, decided that it was time for me to retire. She said YOU’LL enjoy it, and at first, I was sceptical. Continue reading


Grabbing Life Firmly by The Bollocks!

Since writing this, I’ve been asked the same question many times ‘what are bollocks?’ So, for anyone unfamiliar with this very English term and alternative terminology for the most valuable of masculine assets, it literally translates as balls or testicles. Continue reading


UK Winters and How to Avoid Them!

This short-ish essay was going to be about bread.

Specifically, flat-bread and how just recently I have had fun learning how to make my own at home, plus a few other tasty complimentary recipes to accompany it and make it extra special. Continue reading