The Height of Lazyness!

It’s funny how with age we can become very lazy over somethings, or perhaps they just don’t matter so much anymore.

The outbreak of coronavirus has changed our lives in many ways.

My children returned to the nest, my daughter from University in the Midlands, and my son from college.

Having them home again is lovely, but also a very double-edged sword because being confined to home there now eating twice as much new to boredom if nothing else.

The upside, however, is they’re trying to be helpful and do things around the house, which is nice if they only asked us first.

However, taking orders from his bossy elder sister, my son started to clean the kitchen, giving all cupboards and tops of cabinets and places which don’t usually get any attention the once over.

All the cupboards have been stripped bare, cleaned, and the contents replaced, and now we can’t find anything.

High on the kitchen wall and above the washbasin is a clock which with my dodgy knees I find almost impossible to reach. Since the clocks changed in the autumn, it has been an hour ahead. This fact doesn’t seem to have bothered my wife that much, and we got used to it.

Now, we only have a few days to wait until the clocks change again for British summertime daylight saving, and then the time will be correct for the next six months. However, being athletic with the reach of a giraffe, my kind son decided to not only clean and polish the kitchen clock, but also correct the time display.

I’m just wondering if now it will stay an hour out for the next six months.

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