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The old man who watched!

It was already midday, and the sun shone down through and between the deep green foliage of the coconut palms and the banana trees which creaked painfully and were swaying gently in the breeze high above. Most of the ground which lay below was in the shade and the coolest place to be on this hot day. There were just a few small areas where the sun had navigated a route to the ground and was creating weird rays and patterns which danced excitedly with the breeze. While the children were away at school, this was generally a peaceful place at this time of day. All that could be heard was the occasional crow of a cockerel.

But all was not well, and as Austin tried to relax in the deep shade of his veranda, he was consumed by dark contemplations. It was his youngest daughter; Jen that troubled him.

Times were hard and the arrival of the covid nineteen virus in the Philippines had made everything so much worse. Money was more difficult to find now than it had ever been before. Now, the tourists and their nourishing infusion of money which circulated and filtered down through the local population was no more. They had become dependent and addicted to it, and everyone was suffering. They were without a replacement income to help the population live and eat. A painful stagnation had set in and they were experiencing financial cold turkey.

Austin felt truly fortunate that he had a stable job.

He worked for the island water board in the city of Cebu, which lay 50 miles to the north and was just home for a few days. His small but regular salary was barely enough to keep his family, but he knew he was far luckier than most. It bought their food and essentials but left nothing for other needs. Yes, he thought himself fortunate, and far luckier than most of his *barangay neighbours around him.

A particularly annoying fly was picking on him and seemed to be purposely irritating Austin, and was repeatedly landing on his lips, nose, and around his eyes, making him twitch and flinch. It was not only annoying but also was distracting his thought. Then, and blinded by a slim ray of sunlight into which the fly stupidly flew. He failed to see or avoid the whiplash flick from Austin’s sweat towel and it was instantly all over, and he fell to the ground below with the speed of a crashing jet fighter, his life spent and immediately he was pecked up by a passing hen.

In the Philippines, nothing is ever wasted.

Austin’s concentration returned, and he thought back to how much easier it was just eighteen months before. His wife and children all had multiple jobs and ways of generating an adequate income. That’s the way it was in small-town Cebu – and the money circulated, and everyone got by.

Jen was the eldest of his five children and was just twenty-five years old. She was a pleasant, pleasing and agreeable girl, perhaps too pleasing, because she already had two children of her own by different fathers and still no husband to provide for them. Her two daughters were the apple of their grandfather’s eye, and just two and seven years old. They were an additional strain on Austin’s limited financial resources, but Philippine families often lived in family groups, and he loved them all dearly and never complained.

They all shared the same small native hut, which boasted a small bathroom and shower, kitchen and a living room and two verandas, which overlooked the street and their small garden at the rear of the property. It housed, protected, and fed ten members of their family. It was cosy, to say the least, and at night the thin sleeping mattresses were brought out, and they all lay next to each other on the floor like a peeled back tin of sardines.

Jen was keen to work whenever the opportunity arose, which was becoming less likely by the day. Now it seemed opportunities had to be made rather than waited for. For pretty Jen, work and money had become extra difficult to find, school and looked after her two children denied her freedom. She needed something she could do from home and, at times, which suited her family schedule. However, now the Internet was everywhere, and the world had become so much smaller. It opened up certain opportunities for those who were prepared to embrace them.

Jen had reluctantly decided to use her most valuable of assets to generate an income which was her lovely figure and good looks. It was this which was weighing heavily on her father’s mind. It had started out with a desire to land a rich foreigner as a husband, and she enrolled herself on a few dating sites.

As Austin contemplated the possibility of having a foreign son-in-law, he dug at a small piece of decaying meat which had stubbornly stuck between his last remaining pair of teeth from the previous night’s meal. Initially, a foreigner in the family sounded inviting, and in his mind’s eye, he formed an image of a young man in his early 30s who had bright baby-blue eyes and a healthy headful of curly blonde hair. He could see clearly that his pockets were bulging with the money he had no room for in his large luggage bag.

Like most Filipino’s, Austin naively thought that all foreigners from the Western world were rich beyond belief, and the images of him marrying his daughter Jen and taking her and the girls off to live in his country in comfort, and without worry, was a pleasant thought. He also found it easy to imagine the regular transfer of cash donations to help his family survive and prosper. Yes, Jen’s new aspirations were something Austin was initially in favour of, and Jen was certainly was an exceptionally pretty and pleasing girl who he felt certain would make a great wife.

Next door, a loud argument between their immediate neighbours snapped and surprised Austin out of his daydream! Crashes of pots and pans being thrown and loud slaps and screams of response could be heard. Once again, it seemed his neighbours had no money for food and they were frustrated and blamed each other for their poverty. He knew they would soon be round looking for donations from his wife – and they quarrel continually. Austin shook his head in dismay because the experience that Jen was having dealing with foreign men was far less pleasant in real life, or in Austin’s delusions!

In a sleepy small hamlet 6,000 miles away in the UK, Stephen slept deeply and comfortably. He lived a very different quality of lifestyle to Jen and Austin in the Philippines. His was a life of abundance, without worry or shortage of food. Stephen had enough money for everything he could ever want in five lifetimes!

However, the UK climate, especially in the winter months, was very inclement and outside a severe frost was settling on the grass and trees as well as the windscreens of the villagers’ vehicles that were all white with a deep frost. He lived just a few hundred yards from a golden sand beach, and at this time of the year, a fierce wind continually blew straight off the sea, which made it feel many degrees colder than it actually was.

It was an exceptionally cold winter, and Stephen slept and snored with a smile on his face as in the depth of his mind he dreamt of warmer climates and pretty dark-skinned young women. Right now, he was dreaming of one in particular; it was Jen.

The image of the foreigner which Austin first had imagined was quite different.

Stephen did have blue eyes, but he was almost bald, rather fat, and was approaching his sixty-fifth birthday. He was a widower and his daily pleasure was in speaking with a variety of Philippine girls who all wanted to make him happy. This had helped him reach a big decision and made him decided that he would like to live in the Philippines and marry one of them.

It was almost 6 years since he lost his wife; they had been married for nearly 30 years and now he felt ready to find someone new. Explaining his desire to a close friend, he said he wasn’t looking for a replacement, and that was his reason for finding someone from a different culture, and why he had set his focus specifically on a Filipina.

He had already been introduced to a lady in Manila, and the year before flown there to spend a holiday together. Stephen had a great time, although he felt they had nothing in common. At fifty-eight, she was slightly younger than him, but was extremely religious and would read her Bible many times throughout the day, and would do odd and strange things at unusual times which Stephen was not familiar with.

This was not the woman for him.

The Philippines was full of very available ladies. Many were keen to make a relationship and find a foreign provider. Many ladies were MUCH younger than Stephen, and his eye and the swelling in his underpants were naturally drawn in that direction.

Philippine ladies prefer old men, he was told, and he STUPIDLY believed this, or it may have been a good justification for his actions.

Once he returned home, he decided he would get more serious about finding a wife. However, about the same time, he abandoned common sense and started thinking with his dick! Rather than perusing and speaking with the ladies in their 50s and 60s, who were closer to his own age, he chose to converse with girls much younger than him.

For a man in his 60s, being chatted up by pretty ladies in their 20s was good for his ego.

Worse than that, however, was the fact he deluded himself that these girls who were thirty and sometimes forty years younger than him were actually physically attracted towards him, and his good looks – rather than his wallet!

By 9 am, Stephen was starting to surface from a peaceful slumber, while at the same time, 6,000 miles to the east, Austin was receiving presents from his family. It was his forty-first birthday, and for a short while, he was distracted and truly happy.

As it started to get dark, Jen brought her dad out a bottle of icy cold ‘red horse’ which was a local beer. Jen and her mom retired to the kitchen to prepare the merger birthday meal for later on that evening, and Jen had to give a bit of time to her new business.

Outside, Austin collapsed back into his chair to enjoy his beer.

As the night replaced the light of the day, the oppressive 38c heat cooled and dropped to the average night-time temperature of just 28c, and was accompanied by a gentle and enjoyable breeze more powerful than in the daytime.

The thoughts of Jen and her new method of generating income returned to the forefront of his mind. No sooner had Jen uploaded her photo and biodata to the dating sites than men started to contact her. She quickly learned that Western men on this dating site fell into two distinct categories, rough and refined.

They ranged in age from 40 to 80 years of age and there were the cruder individuals who only seemed interested in cybersex. Getting the girls to speak dirty to them and take their clothes off while they masturbated. In return, they promised small donations which were often never honoured or delivered. These made up the majority of men who stalked the unsavoury pages of the dating sites looking for fresh new meat, and many were not at all nice individuals – these were lowlifes.

The second group were also older men, sometimes much older, who were seriously looking for romance and a long-term relationship to begin immediately, or immediately after the covid-nineteen virus had subsided. Jen was initially shocked by how downright uncouth this first category of men could be, so she only spoke with nicer men from the second category. However, the thought of developing a sexual relationship with a nice man who was as old as her father or granddad was not that appealing, either, and she dismissed such thoughts from her mind.

Stephen was already five years older than her grandad, but he was a pleasant and sometimes generous man. She reminded herself that this was a buyer beware business, but more importantly, that she needed money that justified her actions. So, she quickly learned how to let her gentlemen customers see only the part of her life she wanted to share. Which were her children, hardships and the difficulties which she was facing – most of these difficulties were exaggerated, and some even contrived.

The more experienced and adroit at manipulation she became, the more income she generated, sometimes a VERY GOOD income to help her family. It didn’t take her long to discover that if she had two men, it would likely result in twice the income.

Sharing such a small home, Austin was fully aware of how Jen got men to open their wallets, which was by letting them watch her as she showered and undressed, and then a few times a week she would receive small cash donations. Austin was not happy with the situation and wished Jen could do something else more tasteful and respectable.

He only knew about just one man that Jen entertained who was Stephen. He saw him as his potential son-in-law and was having difficulty with the fact he was twenty-four years older than him, and forty years older than Jen! He appreciated Jen’s sacrifice for the family and for her children. Although he didn’t want to think about her providing sex for such an old man, and wondered how and if she could even stand doing so.

In the UK, Stephen was now up and was waiting for his WhatsApp call from Jen.

He was rightly excited when she appeared on his screen as she was gorgeous, and he immediately noticed her hair was wet, which was a disappointment, as he rightly presumed, she had already showered. In fact, and unknown to Stephen, she had showered twice already for other old men before Stephen.

Feeling his disappointment, clever Jen told him “It’s raining outside,” she lied, and alluringly she began to undress and Stephen’s phallus stood to half-mast. It was the best he could manage. Jen slowly shared her present financial problems as she showered in an almost bewitching manner. She knew if she wasn’t too greedy, he would take care of them. Jen was becoming somewhat of an expert at pleasing old men with money. She now had six of them all donating to her family fund on a regular basis, and she, for the moment, was happy.

In the UK, after Jen showered and slowly washed her lady bits, Stephen enjoyed a satisfying orgasm and grunted loudly, and Jen knew she had done her job well. It was a fair and inexpensive trade for Stephen who knew this was the world’s oldest commodity. He felt a little guilty because Jen always innocently asked him if she was the only one? Of course, he lied. She was the only one. He was certain that Jen was far too virtuous to ever consider being disloyal to him.

In fact, Stephen would go through similar video calls with other pretty girls in different parts of the country as the day advanced, and he regained his energy, and Jen instinctively knew it. He had a total of nine pretty girls in their mid-20s, all who loved him as dearly as Jen, and they were all his, and TOTALLY HIS, and no-one else’s, or so he thought.

Jen now perfectly understood her actions, and the potential consciences were clear, although that was another world away. For now, her conscience was free from guilt and she milked her gentlemen and knew she was simply providing a service and fulfilment of their dreams, which she would never allow possibility to come to fruition?

Outside, Austin was still deep in thought. What would happen when covid was over?

He took another deep draft of his beer and decided he was overthinking things.

Perhaps Stephen would grow old and die first?


*barangay (local population – distant relations)

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