The Unlimited Opportunity!

…but only if you take it!

Will you be the one?

The one individual in every 33 who takes action and changes their life for the better?

The one who treads their own trail rather than walking the often muddy and slippery well worn paths of those who have gone before.

The one who becomes a shepherd and leads the way, rather than part of the flock that follow behind.

The one who in years to come will be often refereed to as LUCKY.

…the one who has achieved their dreams and aspirations, and now lives their life on their terms?

The one who today mentally joins the 3% club of successful achievers in life?

The Solution is Simple:

If you’re not happy with your life and what you have made of it until this point? Then its time for a re-think, and then a few mental adjustments.

…because, if you want it, you can have it ALL!

Most people reading this short article are fortunate enough to live in the UK, Europe or the so called western World!

Then my friend,the one thing you have in abundance is OPPORTUNITY!

The enviable and much easier opportunity to make your life whatever you want it to be. For you to become ANYTHING, or the person that you’ve always wanted to be.


I have little patience for septics and negative doubter who navigate their life destroying the aspirations of others.

If you don’t believe me then please STOP READING right now:

You lack the necessary mentality or necessary positive attributes to grow, and we will just be wasting each others time.

However, if the possibility of doing SOMETHING SPECIAL with you life has captured your imagination and attention?

If mentally, you’re now thinking COULD I?

Then, the pathway that leads to UNLIMITED SUCCESS begins here!

…and its FREE with nothing to buy.

So SMILE and consider this!

You have EVERYTHING to gain, and NOTHING to lose! Zero, zilch, NADA!

Then this equation becomes not so much COULD I, as WILL YOU?

So, if you will, then what are you waiting for?

Success starts with MENTAL CHANGE, a decision, followed by action.

In fact, the more consistent your ONGOING ACTION, the greater your ONGOING SUCCESS!

If you can dream it, then you can achieve it, or something very similar.

A strong desire, goal or objective is the starting point.

Plus one little ESSENTIAL secret which for most people will convert their dream into reality.

Write it down!

Think it out on paper because the bluntest pencil will always be more effective that the sharpest of minds.

How it looks doesn’t matter at this point, just so long as you can read it, and it inspires you to take action.

Work on it regularly if not everyday and think about it as much as you can.

Research, rewrite and find solutions.

Do this, and perhaps slowly at first, and your ideas scribbled on scraps of paper will grow into your own personal route map for success.

This is how MOST great successes and achievements start life!

Writing it down is a SMART action that highlights your commitment to its achievement.

Having it written down in FINE DETAIL also highlights you have what it takes to breath life into it.

So grab a bit of paper and get started:

Your idea or plan might take just hours to begin life.

Or, it could take you MUCH longer to think out and breath life into:

But thats okay, just so long as you are working at it regularly.

Then, your thoughts, dreams or desires will occupy the for-front of your mind.

When you dwell upon them constantly they will begin to ferment and take root.

You’ll be forced to mentally grow and your passion and enthusiasm will swell within you until you reach the point you HAVE to take action.

You always have a choice:

You can go through life merely surviving, or, and by complete contrast, lead your life to its FULL POTENTIAL, and have a blast.

Stop and think, you have nothing to lose, but EVERYTHING to gain and suddenly its an easy choice to make.

All you have to do is figure out how to make it work, and then it will begin to happen.

This is the most enjoyable bit of the process and HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!

As soon as you realise this and get on board your 90% of the way to success.

Whatever it is you want to achieve:

It can be difficult, or it can be fun and this is 100% down to your attitude, so make sure that you have a positive one.

ALWAYS have a positive attitude, NEVER say that you can’t, but: How can I?

This one simple improvement can be POSITIVELY life changing!

The one thing I can promise you, whatever it is you want to achieve, there is always a way, in fact, there are ALWAYS MANY ways.

There are no wrongs or rights in this process, just KEEP GOING until it begins to work for you.

Never let NOT KNOWING how to do something stop you from learning and mastering a new skill.

Half, if not 90% of the fun comes from trying, learning and overcoming the obstacles that will always be there:

They will stop 97% of individuals dead in their track, and try to stop you also, if you ALLOW them to do so.

Think of obstacles as your friend.

Just imagine for a moment, if there weren’t there everyone would be a superstar achiever.

Everything would be too easy, devalued and probably not worth having anymore.

Success and achievement without effort are rarely worth having.

Every obstacle you overcome on your journey will make you feel REALLY GOOD about yourself.

It will build your confidence, and spur you on to even greater things.


You will have little or NO competition!

As for MOST people:

Even if they have managed to read this far, and nod with me in agreement at this basic recipe for success in life, they will travel no further.

These are the watchers of life rather than the action takers:

Such readers, although they will disagree.

They are part of the flock of life, rather than elevating themselves as a shepherd who walks their own path.

If you’d rather follow the track already trod by MANY another’s, just remember, thats okay, and your choice.

They choose what they see as the EASY route.

Preferring in fact to be part of someone else’s dream, rather than being the central character in their own.

Which would you prefer?

Ongoing success, achievement and positive results are simple, and certainly no secret!

They are born out of daily action, leaning from your ESSENTIAL mistakes, and NEVER giving up.

Mistakes and failures are just part of the process and will generally teach you so much more than your successes.

Learn to embrace them for the true opportunity and learning experience they provide.

Or, as a close (self made multi millionaire) friend of mine said, fail your way to the top.

Where to get started?

Simple, what is it you enjoy, what is it that interests and excites you, and what can you develop a deep passion and enthusiasm for?

Start there!

There is an old say that states: “If you find a man a job he loves, he will never work another day in his life!”

…unsurprisingly, this works for women also.

I only do the things I have PASSION for!

This simple strategy has me jumping out of bed with enthusiasm to get started EVERY morning.

Use these simple tools, NEVER GIVE UP, and you can become a success at almost anything!

Finally in this little amble a fitting quote which I love:

[box type=”info”] “Everything will be all right in the end. If it’s not all right, it is not yet the end” …said by the Hotel Manager, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” played by:Dev Patel.[/box]

Thats it…

The recipe for success and achievement is simple, so long as you take ACTION!

I look forward to meeting a SLIM percentage of you at the top.

Make your life a good one…

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