Is it getting easier my wife asked? It was the first of May 2020 and more than two months since I had made the decision to retire. I say retire although this is a bit of a joke. Now, I am spending more hours a day pursuing my retirement passion than I ever did when I actively work at generating an income.

Being a creative writer is something which I have always wanted to do, but like many other things have never had the time to do so, not seriously anyway. Retirement for me didn’t noticeable change anything. I still work from the comfort of my own home; now however, I am very focused on what it is I want achieve and am not distracted by anything else. My objective is quite simple, I want to create high quality books that others appreciate and want to read. What more could I ask? Oh yes, money of course, but right now I am concentrating on the process of creation. Finding story ideas is by far the most difficult bit right now, but I have found a way of doing this, and for May anyway I have many working titles just waiting to get started.

We recognise the end of February as the time my retirement proper started, and to celebrate and mark this big occasion I decided to take a week’s holiday in Hurghada Egypt. I asked my wife and children to join me and they all declined which says a lot about me (thanks family). I flew I think on the fifth of March and the Corona virus pandemic was just warming up. Actually, I was extremely fortunate, the day I left everything seemed normal, but three days latter the hotels started shutting down and throwing their guests out on to the street. Some poor souls were trapped there for weeks, and then expected to pay small fortunes for their repatriation flight tickets.

The remaining weeks of March were fully absorbed with learning and experimenting with tips, techniques and methodology on creative writing. Towards the end of the month I began writing and left a few stories started but not finished. As a warm and sunny March turned into an even warmer and sunnier April, I rewrote the begging of my first story “Quicksand” which allowed me to complete it a few days later.  

By the end of April, I had completed eight short stories of differing lengths, from short flash fiction, to one nearly long enough to be classed as a novella, and now we are in May! My wife repeated the same question, “is it getting easier,” she asked again originally interested in getting an answer?

“That’s a difficult one to answer” I replied very truthfully. “Writing and learning to compose a good story has so many requirements to make it good. I am still very much a novice and serving my apprenticeship. Although, I think my writing is improving, I have to let you be the judge of that.”

“Yes, it is,” came the reply I was hoping to hear and I smiled and said. “I’m definitely having more fun!”

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